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Best Mouse for Graphic Design in 2022: Logitech MX Master 3 Review

Graphic design is a demanding profession that requires precision and comfort. That’s why, when it comes to finding the best mouse for graphic design, you need to consider a number of factors. In this article, we will take a look at the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse and see why it might just be the perfect option for any graphic designer. This mouse is extremely comfortable to use, thanks to its ergonomic design, and the response is super smooth, making it a joy to use for long periods of time. The build quality is excellent, too. If you’re looking for the best mouse for graphic design in 2022, then you should definitely consider the Logitech MX Master 3! Also, to make this mouse easier to purchase, I’ve included an affiliate link in this article.

Out With the Old, In with the Best Mouse for Graphic Design in 2022

I just threw away the trusty-dusty mouse that I’ve been using for years! But I did it on purpose. Why? Because we have a new mouse that’s on a whole other level, the best mouse for graphic design: the Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac. This is specifically designed for Mac users but can be used on PCs too. In the video above, we’re going to do an unboxing. I’m going to talk about this mouse and why it’s the best mouse ever made, and why you should be buying this and making the investment into yourself to use this because it will save you time – which is way more important than money. So with that all being said, let’s go ahead and jump into the review and check out the mouse!

Unboxing the Best Mouse for Graphic Design

So here it is, the MX Master 3 for Mac. All right, we’re going to open up the box a little bit different of an experience than it was on my stream deck, opening it up. There we go – nice little MX on the front of the box. Okay, now let’s go ahead and drop this tab on the front and let’s check this baby out. Pretty nice presentation – I like the way they did that! Let’s go ahead and take this thing out. Wow – this thing is big!

You can see the mouse fits nicely in my hand. I like the concave design on this one – it’s different from the other one. My old one had a scrolling wheel on the top, but the quality of this one is just so superior. It has a metal wheel here that I know is one of the things about this one.

One of the things I like about it is that it has an electromagnetic wheel. There are seven different functions, and we’re going to jump into these today. I like the feel of this wheel – it’s really nice. Let’s see… it comes with a quick charging cable. Let’s go ahead and check out what else is in the box. There’s a little box, some literature, and what is probably a quick start guide on how to get it all going. I don’t always like to read the instructions but this kind of gives you a little bit of an idea of how to get started with it. We’re going to go ahead and go without that.

Setting up the Best Mouse for Graphic Design

We’re going to go set this thing up so that it’s right. There’s a switch here that you can turn on, so you turn it on and connect it to Bluetooth, then go to the site to see your easy switch. There are three devices you can set it up to, which is really cool. You can see three buttons. I can connect it to my iPad. There are a lot of things I’m going to talk about in this review that will blow your mind. Okay, so we’re connected. Now what I need to do is go to the URL on the box. So, pan and hold the middle button. There are all kinds of different setups that we can do here.

Then, download the installer for Mac on the desktop and go ahead and click it. Oh, it’s already working! Wow, this is so smooth. All right, so now that it’s all set up and I have the mouse working, I want to cover the benefits and the features, and if you watch until the end of the video, I will show you how well it really works. You’re actually going to be able to test drive this thing with me for the very first time.

Benefits of the Best Mouse for Graphic Design

One of the main points of this review is I want to prove to you that this is literally the best mouse that’s ever been made. I wanted to write a review about it. I felt like this was a special moment. I’ve never spent a hundred dollars on a mouse. Now you could say that that’s too expensive for a mouse, but the reality is you have to have the right tools to do the job the right way and this is an investment so this is something that I’m going to be using for a very long time. It’s going to speed up my workflow. So let’s go ahead and talk about the benefits first. This mouse has many, but I don’t want to make this review too long, so we will talk about five of them.

Workflow Boosting

The first benefit of using a mouse is that it can speed up your workflow. What does that mean? For example, if you’re using Photoshop or Illustrator, and you’re like me, you’ve been using a trackpad for a long time which isn’t very fast. With a mouse, you can actually use it and it scrolls beautifully, saving you time in the long run. This is especially beneficial if people on your team are using it, as it will save them time and money.

No Trackpad

The second point is to get rid of the trackpad, as I previously stated. Having the trackpad is difficult on your hands and fingers. It causes carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems. If you’re not using the trackpad, it will save you a lot of time, pain, and money in the long run, so a mouse without a trackpad is considerably superior.

No Dongle

The third thing that’s the benefit of this is again there’s no dongle. How many times have you lost a dongle for your mouse? It’s been so frustrating for me. I’ve had this happen to me multiple times and then you have to go buy a whole new mouse. This is a Bluetooth mouse and it is an incredible piece of technology. It works really really good. The connection was almost immediate.

App-Specific Customizations

The fourth thing is app-specific customizations because it has all these special buttons here. I have the left one here, the back/front/back button, I have the scrolling wheel which is really beautiful and smooth, I have a button here, I have a button here, a button here, and then this wheel also taps and scrolls. I believe this one just goes up and down but this one taps as well. So there’s a lot of really amazing buttons that are right at your fingertips. You just couldn’t do these things with the trackpad. So you definitely need to check this out! I think this is a really good opportunity for you. 

Multi-Device Compatibility

And then the last thing, as I mentioned towards the beginning of this, is that this can actually be used because it’s Bluetooth. Wow, there’s a button right there on the side, as well. This button is actually going to allow you to open, minimize, and maximize windows which is pretty neat! So there are a lot more buttons than I was even anticipating, but you can use one mouse for multiple devices. As you can see here there are three different settings: I can use one for my iPad, one for my iMac, and one for my MacBook. That is awesome! Not a lot of mice have that level of customization that you can set up on them, and I think those app customizations are going to be really big.

Features of the Best Mouse for Graphic Design

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits, I think it’s important to talk about the features. I like to start with the benefits because, in my opinion, they are more important. However, features are also important.

Deep Customization

This is completely customizable for different programs. For example, I can have customizations inside the app for Photoshop and Illustrator.  I can also have it where if I’m using Premiere Pro, After Effects, or even DaVinci Resolve, it will have different profiles for each one of those. So, if I want to quickly go and change my brush size inside of Photoshop, I can do that with the mouse. If I want to change my font size, I can do that with the mouse.

Quick Functions

There’s an undo and redo button here on the side that will help you speed up things really quickly. With everything right at your fingertips, there’s no need to hit delete or go up to the menu bar and hit control z or any smart key. Everything you need is right here.

Lateral Scroll

There’s also a lateral scroll to help you move through documents more quickly. As I mentioned, it’s really ergonomic. I mean, the way that it fits my hand is just unbelievable, and then you can use it with your iPad, as I mentioned.

Superior Battery Life

And then the last thing is that it has superb battery life. I don’t know what it takes to do a full charge on it, but what I can tell you is that in one minute you can get three hours of use with the reviews out of this. In one minute. That’s a super-fast charger. Just plug it right into the USB on my laptop. The USB to USB will charge it up in just one minute.

Final Thoughts on the Best Mouse for Graphic Design

So there’s a lot of stuff I can do with this mouse that I love. This is a really nice mouse, and I’m excited to learn more about it to use it to really get familiar with it. The last thing that I wanted to do here, let me just pull this up… was just day-to-day work, so just clicking around, scrolling around, opening up programs – just kind of the day-to-day stuff. I think this makes it a lot easier than the trackpad, and I think the precision that I can have with this mouse versus trying to use the trackpad is much better.

Check out the Logitech MX 3 for Mac or for PC – they make them for both. You can get the one specifically for Mac. This thing is beautiful and ergonomic—this is going to be my go-to mouse. I wanted to talk about it, I wanted to show it to you. This is one of my favorite gadgets and it’s definitely the best mouse for graphic design. We’re going to learn more and more about it, and you’re going to hear more about it as I use it more. So thank you guys so much for reading. For more help choosing the right tools for your trade, we have a community! Check out the Instagraphics Pro Network on Facebook and I’ll see you guys in the next review. Until next time, I’m Adrian Boysel, and as always—keep looking up!

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