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5 Best Books for Graphic Designers

If you’re looking for some of the best books for graphic designers to read in 2022, look no further! Here at Adrian Graphics & Marketing, we know the importance of continuing education and self-growth. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best books for graphic designers that will help you take your career to the next level. So whether you’re just starting out in your design career or you’re a seasoned pro, be sure to check out these must-read books!

The 5 Best Books for Graphic Designers in 2022

This video article is all about the books that make launching and sustaining a career in graphic design easier to do. Entrepreneurship can be a challenge for graphic designers, and these five books will help you overcome the obstacles you might face. I’ve included Amazon affiliate links to make it easier to purchase all five of these life-changing books. So, without further ado, let’s get to the list!


First up is Traction by Gino Wickman. This book was actually recommended to me by a friend, Forbes Riley, and her daughter. I read most of this book so far and I got to tell you it is a highly impactful book. If you have not checked this out, I want to encourage you to do so. There’s going to be a link down in the description where you can actually buy this book. This book is phenomenal. It is a business owner’s bible and it talks about the six key fundamentals of the EOS system. If you don’t know what the EOS system is, it stands for entrepreneur operating system.

EOS is an important tool for any business. This is the operating system for a business owner and these six fundamentals that are in this book are super powerful. Just to name a couple of things, it talks about beliefs, it talks about your people, it talks about your vision, it talks about your data – there’s a lot of different elements that go into this that all lead to traction, which is the title of this book. So this is going to be my first recommendation for you. This is how I would start my year in 2022.

Stealing Fire

The next book is called Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler. Now, this book is incredible. I actually just finished it on Audible. It’s an amazing book that talks about how maverick scientists, the Navy SEALs, and Silicon Valley are using things like psilocybin and LSD to biohack their brains and create new neural pathways. I mean, it’s just brilliant. The science of it, the connection between Google and Burning Man, and all the things you can find and learn inside of this book are going to really open you up to a whole new world. I want you to look at things from different perspectives, through different lenses, and really harness the power that that book has because the phrase “stealing fire” if you really think about it is extremely powerful. The things that Mother Nature has given us – plant medicine and all the different resources aside from the pharmaceuticals in the Western medicine world – are life-changing and they can give you the biggest breakthroughs of your entire career.

And so I really want to encourage you to check out the audiobook, Stealing Fire, by Stephen Kotler. It’s an amazing book that will deeply impact you if you really take it to heart and listen to what they’re saying in that book. The top highest elite men and women of the military and in the tech space, and in all areas and sectors of business are doing things that they’re talking about in this book. There’s the science and there are case studies to back it up, so check out Stealing Fire. That’s book number two.

No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs

For graphic designers, book number three is one that I would recommend and this is actually one that I read earlier this year. The book is called No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy. If you’re somebody like me that has some ADD/ADHD type of problems and staying focused is a challenge, this time management book will absolutely change your life. It talks about time vampires and people who steal your time away, like shutting my phone off during days that I’m shooting on videos, getting rid of the business and personal line and separating my business from my personal, limiting the way the ways that people can contact you and reach out to you. Dan Kennedy doesn’t even have a Facebook page; he has somebody that manages a Facebook page for him but he does not have a Facebook page of his own.

These are ways that you can actually get more productivity, get more done, get more traction; and actually increase the amount of momentum that you’re making throughout the year. So definitely check out No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy. It’s a long title, but an amazing book – very well worth your time. I applied these principles immediately after reading and I’ve already seen a major impact on how much I’ve been able to get done. I just want you to be able to become as efficient and effective as you possibly can. That is a really great book in order to do that.

Atomic Habits

The fourth book recommendation I got for you is a popular one right now. In fact, Ian, who does all of our video editing and runs the YouTube channel with me, actually read this book and just finished it recently. It’s Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book is going to help you break bad habits, which is very important, and help you make new ones. He’s created a four-step process.

I read this thing about a year and a half ago, two years ago. I’ve decided today that I’m actually going to go through it again for a second time just because it’s that impactful. I actually downloaded it on Audible, so whether you want to listen to it on Audiobook or actually buy the hard copy of the book, you can check that down below in the description. We’re going to have that book available for you but Atomic Habits is a great book. You can notice a trend here with all these books I’m recommending: they’re all towards the beginning of the year, setting you up for success by giving you good habits and opportunities to biohack your brain and do things you never knew were possible. These are all keys that will tie into you having a really successful year.

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto, by Blair Enns, is a big reason why I’ve been able to position and grow my community, grow my authority, and grow my brand the way that I have. It was suggested to me by my buddy Stanley, as well as others in our Facebook group. It has been spoken about to me numerous times by many individuals. I’ve bought hard copies of this book and I’ve bought the audio version of this book as well. This is one that I’m going to live and breathe The Win Without Pitching Manifesto.

I do a lot of this stuff already because of the mentors and the consultants and the training videos and the courses that I’ve bought, but this is going to be really helpful and this is going to probably re-solidify this knowledge that I already have and make it even stronger. But what it is, are 12 proclamations to help you stop pitching and start presenting as an educator and an expert in your field. This way, you’re not having to play the “price game” when you position yourself as a leading expert in your space. You separate yourself from all of your competitors, so the win without pitching manifesto is a must-have book, and that’s why it made number five on this list of books that everyone should have in 2022.

What Makes These the Best Books for Graphic Designers?

When it comes to books for graphic designers, there are a few things we want to see. The best books will offer insight into the business side of design, teach you how to be efficient and organized, offer tips for working with clients, and more. These five books encompass all of those topics and then some, making them essential reading for any designer looking for an entrepreneurial edge.

Final Thoughts on the Best Books for Graphic Designers

These are the five books I have for you today. I hope this was helpful; if not, we have another list from last year that may be more to your liking. And if you haven’t already, check out the Instagraphics Pro Network on Facebook. I would love to have you there. This is your invitation. We’re a group of creatives that are really leveling up in our health, wealth, and relationships. We’re doing a lot of amazing things together – events, all kinds of cool stuff. But I would love to have you in this group with me and the rest of us. I hope to see you guys there. I’m Adrian Boysel, thank you so much for reading. I’ll see you in the next article. As always, keep looking up!

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